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CastingCouchTeens Natasha Nice

We love when sexy young teens are eager to make their mark. We especially love it when they are open to using their body to get what they want. Natasha Nice wants to get her career on the fast track, and will jump at any chance to be on camera. Casting Couch Teens got her on camera getting her sweet little pussy fucked raw, and she loved every minute of it. She started with some awesome solo shots, and she didn’t need any convincing at all to start taking her clothes off. Once the top layer was gone, she revealed a cute blue bra and panty set. It’s obvious that she knew what she was there to do. She wasn’t shy when she got a little help shredding those clothes, and she got into it when his lips started to roam all over her body. Needless to say, I think that sweet little Natasha will have a great career on camera.

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Rosie Thorn – Casting Couch Teens

Rosie Thorn from CastingCouchTeens

Trying to launch a teen site can be a bitch, but girls like Rosie Thorn bring the hotness to the table and make it far easier. Who can resist the charm of a cute teen ready for her big break. Rosie’s solo shots were pretty steamy, and without any prompting, she got on all fours and stuck her ass up toward the camera. Jaws dropped as her little pink panties peeked out from under her short jean skirt. After that, she took little time shedding her pink top and other clothes. Rosie is a sucker for roaming hands, and she was naked in no time flat. A few nice words later, and this girl was bent over with a cock in her mouth. Her moans around that cock made it very clear that she wanted everything she was getting and more. After a killer blowjob, she climbed on top for a bumpy ride then bent over to take it doggy.

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It’s great when a hot teen girl is ready for the big time. Gigi Revera came to the studio ready to go, and didn’t need much convincing. The solo shots of her game out great, and she was happy to be a little naughty, sticking her cute ass into the air for everyone to see. There was a little hesitation when it came to taking her clothes off. It’s not hard to find out what a girl will do when you’re offering her the chance to be a star. After some coaxing, she came out of her cute white shorts and blue tank top. After that, it was all a matter of getting that girl hot. A tongue trip down below to eat her teen honey pot got her juices flowing, and soon she was moaning and wriggling, begging for more.

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Missy Stone from Casting Couch Teens

Casting Couch Teens Missy Stone

That plain yellow top didn’t make Missy Stone look as innocent as she might have planned. She got some solo shots like she was going to be on the cover of some teen magazine. She was a bit reluctant to take her clothes off and get friendly, but we can be very persuasive. This girl was much easier than we thought once things got started. The short jean skirt barely covered her tight young ass, and as soon as she saw a little cash, this bitch opened her mouth and spread her legs. Her tight little pussy was no match for that big cock, and she got nailed in every position known to man. How could you resist a hot, young, teen slut when she falls to her knees begging to take your meat?